• image represents nanomax® Desincrustante profesional

    nanomax® Professional Descaler

    Effortlessly combat and prevent limescale with nanomax® Descaler. Achieve lasting cleanliness and shine on bathroom and ceramic surfaces with this powerful and protective formula.

    29,61  inc. VAT
  • image represents nanomax® Professional para parrillas y hornos

    nanomax® Professional for Grills and ovens

    Experience unparalleled cleaning prowess with nanomax® Clean Ovens, Fireplaces & Grills Cleaner. Eliminate stubborn grease, soot, and food residues effortlessly from various surfaces. Its powerful, safe formula ensures a sparkling clean without the need for scrubbing. A versatile cleaner for kitchens and outdoor appliances.

    33,90  inc. VAT
  • image represents nanomax® Professional para cocinas y encimeras

    nanomax® Professional for Kitchens & Worktops

    Elevate your kitchen cleaning with Kitchens & Worktops Cleaning Solution. Offering unparalleled degreasing and cleaning, along with a durable foaming action, it’s the all-encompassing choice for pristine kitchen surfaces.

    33,90  inc. VAT
  • image represents nanomax® Professional para suelos de piedra y Terazzo

    nanomax® Professional for Natural and artificial stone

    Elevate the cleanliness and beauty of your stone surfaces with nanomax® Stone Cleaner. Ideal for natural and artificial stones, it safely cleans and preserves, ensuring your stone features remain brilliant and intact.

    29,61 124,01  inc. VAT
  • image represents nanomax® Professional para acero inoxidable

    nanomax® Professional for Stainless Steel

    Achieve a streak-free shine on all your stainless steel surfaces with nanomax® Stainless Steel Cleaner. Specially formulated for easy cleaning and lasting protection, it’s perfect for both kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

    42,48  inc. VAT

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