nanomax® Professional Descaler

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Effortlessly combat and prevent limescale with nanomax® Descaler. Achieve lasting cleanliness and shine on bathroom and ceramic surfaces with this powerful and protective formula.

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Conquer Limescale with nanomax® Descaler

Discover the ultimate limescale solution – nanomax® Descaler. Engineered for brilliance and hygiene, this powerful formula effortlessly dissolves stubborn limescale, rejuvenating your bathroom and ceramic surfaces to their original splendor.

  • Powerful Elimination: Erase persistent limescale for a gleaming bathroom and spotless surfaces that truly stand out.
  • Durable Protection: It not only cleanses but also fortifies surfaces against future limescale, maintaining pristine conditions over time.
  • Universal Safety: Suitable for an extensive array of surfaces, this descaler safeguards your tiles, fixtures, and sanitary ware, ensuring their longevity and beauty.

Transform your cleaning regimen with nanomax® Descaler and revel in a consistently limescale-free space that radiates cleanliness.

How to use

Dilute from 30 to 200ml per 1L of water, leave to react with scale for 15-30 minutes, rinse with water. Repeat if necessary. For dishwashers use 30-200ml per 1 cleaning cycle, then do 1 cleaning cycle with just water to rinse. Shake before use. It is advised to first try the product on a non-visible part of a surface. The manufacturer is not responsible for any damages caused by inappropriate use of the product.


orthophosphoric acid (V)


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nanomax® Professional Descaler

6,9028,90 inc. VAT

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