nanomax® Professional for Grills and ovens

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Experience unparalleled cleaning prowess with nanomax® Clean Ovens, Fireplaces & Grills Cleaner. Eliminate stubborn grease, soot, and food residues effortlessly from various surfaces. Its powerful, safe formula ensures a sparkling clean without the need for scrubbing. A versatile cleaner for kitchens and outdoor appliances.

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Unrivaled Cleaning Performance

Introducing nanomax® Oven, Grill, and Fireplace Cleaner – your ultimate solution for confronting stubborn grease, soot, and burnt-on residues. This advanced cleaner effortlessly dissolves the toughest grime, leaving your surfaces gleaming without the need for intense scrubbing. Simply spray, let it work its magic, and easily wipe away the filth.

  • Targets grease, soot, and burnt-on food effectively
  • Renders surfaces spotlessly clean and shining
  • Removes the necessity for laborious scrubbing

Flexible Use Across the Board

Far more than just a solution for grills and fireplaces, nanomax® Oven, Grill, and Fireplace Cleaner is also your partner in keeping kitchen surfaces and outdoor cooking gear pristine. Its broad-spectrum cleaning power makes it an indispensable tool for any kitchen or BBQ enthusiast.

Safe Yet Potent Cleaning

The brilliance of nanomax® Oven, Grill, and Fireplace Cleaner lies in its highly effective, yet safe formulation. Crafted for powerful cleaning action without harsh chemicals, it ensures superior performance in maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of your cooking and heating appliances.

How to use

apply small amount of product on cold surface, spread, leave for five minutes, wipe off and rinse with water. Shake before use. Do not use on aluminium, copper, painted or coated surfaces. It is advised to first try the product on a non-visible part of a surface. The manufacturer is not responsible for any damages caused by inappropriate use of the product.


  • non-ionic surfactants (<5%),
  • phosphonates (<5%).
  • Contains sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide.


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nanomax® Professional for Grills and ovens

7,9030,90 inc. VAT

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