nanomax® Professional for Floors universal

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Free yourself from the costly cycle of underperforming floor care products. Floors (Universal) by nanomax® offers a revolutionary, all-in-one solution that cleans, shines, and protects your floors with unparalleled efficiency. Join the movement towards better, cost-effective floor care with nanomax® today.

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h3>Enhance Your Floor Cleaning with nanomax® Universal Floor Cleaner

Stop wasting money on overpriced floor cleaning products and switch to the game-changing nanomax® Universal Floor Cleaner. This innovative formula allows for spotless floors with just 50ml mixed into 10L of water, not only cleaning effectively but also providing long-lasting shine and protection.

Step into a world where your floors radiate cleanliness, thanks to nanomax®’s advanced formula that takes proper care of your floors. It’s not only efficient and effective but also economical – truly the future of floor care.

  • Avoid spending on ineffective cleaning products
  • Remove tough dirt with our powerful and efficient formula
  • Get lasting protection for all types of floors

Ultimate Flexibility and Efficiency with nanomax®

Whether your floors are hardwood, laminate, tile, or any other material, nanomax® Universal Floor Cleaner is your all-in-one solution for floor care. Forget about keeping a variety of cleaners and enjoy the simplicity and excellence of this versatile formula.

Ignore the flashy ads of other brands. Opt for nanomax® Universal Floor Cleaner for an affordable, high-quality cleaning solution that delivers real results.

Simplify Your Cleaning Routine with nanomax® Universal Floor Cleaner

Join those who have already made the switch and notice the improvement in your cleaning routine with nanomax® Universal Floor Cleaner. Save money, streamline your cleaning tasks, and enjoy the effectiveness of a top-notch floor cleaner.

For floors that are cleaner, shinier, and well-protected, the choice is obvious. Experience the difference with nanomax® Universal Floor Cleaner today.

How to use

Dilute 50-100ml of product per 10L of water, depending on amount of dirt. Shake before use. The manufacturer is not responsible for any damages caused by inappropriate use of the product.


  • anionic surfactants (<5%),
  • amphoteric surfactants (<5%),
  • non-ionic surfactants (<5%),
  • phosphonates (<5%)
  • EDTA and it’s salts (<5%),
  • fragrance compositions: Hexyl Cinnamal, Citronellol, Hydroxycitronellal, Butylphenyl, Methylpropional, Geraniol.
  • Contains: benzene sulfonic acids, C10-13 alkyl derivatives, sodium salts, C12-14 fatty alcohols, ethoxylated, alkyl sulfates, C12-15 alcohols, branched and linear, ethoxylated propoxylated.


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nanomax® Professional for Floors universal

6,9028,90 inc. VAT

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