nanomax® Professional for Wooden floors

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Enhance and protect your wooden floors with nanomax® for Wooden floors, a concentrated cleaning solution designed for superior floor care. Easy to use, it ensures deep cleaning, radiant shine, and lasting protection for all wooden floor types.

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Enhance Your Wooden Floors’ Natural Beauty with nanomax®

Introducing the nanomax® Wooden Floor Cleaner: your ultimate solution to revive and protect your wooden floors. Our formula, designed with eco-consciousness and efficiency in mind, stands out in its ability to deliver a superior clean while preserving the environment.

Using just 50ml of our eco-friendly concentrate in 10L of water not only cleans effectively but also enhances the wood’s natural luster and provides durable protection. It’s a sustainable choice for maintaining your floors’ elegance and resilience.

Eco-Friendly Benefits:

  • Powerful, green cleaning formula for minimal environmental impact
  • Ensures long-lasting protection with less frequent application needs

Why nanomax® Is the Eco-Conscious Choice for Wooden Floors

Choosing nanomax® Wooden Floor Cleaner aligns with your commitment to sustainability and the care of wooden floors. Its advanced, green formula deep cleans without compromising the planet’s health or your indoor air quality.

Simple Application, Lasting Impact

Mix 50ml of concentrate with 10L of water for an easy, rinse-free application that leaves your floors looking spotless and feeling durable. Our formula is designed for the eco-minded individual seeking both efficacy and environmental responsibility.

Green Cleaning Tips:

  • Opt for a microfiber mop for an eco-friendly and effective clean
  • Use conservatively to prevent water waste and protect your floors
  • Allow floors to air-dry for a natural, streak-free shine

How to use

dilute 50-100ml of product per 10L of water, depending on amount of dirt. Shake before use. The manufacturer is not responsible for any damages caused by inappropriate use of the product.


  • non-ionic surfactants (<5%),
  • Anionic surfactants (<5%),
  • EDTA and it’s salts (<5%),
  • phosphonates (<5%),
  • fragrance compositions: limonene, linalool.


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nanomax® Professional for Wooden floors

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